Gospel Live
Gospel Live Gig
17 September 2011

Fonke Knomaads
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Fonke Knomaads - Funk / Hip Hop
Austalia's answer to Arrested Development! The Fonke Knomaads have risen to the top of the Australian Funk Hip Hop fraternity being cemented as founders of the genre and artistic boundary pushers both in their recorded body of work and with their explosive live shows.

In 1993 TeOp & Soup burst onto the fledgeling Oz Hip Hop scene with the EP The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of… (Poboy Records) which immediately gained rotation on Triple J (Australias National Youth Radio) and was among the first Australian Hip Hop releases to do so. The E.P.was one of the first Jazz-Funk Hip Hop releases in Australia. The track U Can’t Deny Genetics also featured on the Oz Hip Hop Compilation 15oz – 15 Years of Oz Hip Hop on Vynil (Crookneck records).

After several solo outings and a lengthy hiatus the Fonke Knomaads returned with their Full Length Album : CLEOPATRA’S BATH MILK : released 8-08-08 on Creative Vibes/SoulJourner which was named Triple J’s Hip Hop Show Album of the Week upon release. The Fonke Knomaads have toured the album extensively and received much love from JJJ, 2SER, FBI Radio, 4ZZZ, 3RRR and 3PBS as well as a myriad of local and net based radio stations.

While touring the album the Fonke Knomaads developed an explosively heavy funk set that has been blowing away crowds across Australia. The Knomaads also squeezed in a trip to west coast USA and played in L.A. DJ Soup, TeOp and the Fonke Knomaads have played a myriad of venues and festivals such as the Sydney Superdome (Acer Arena), Oxford Art Factory, Meltbar, The Supper Club, Earthdance 07/08, AGMF/Easterfest 07/08, Peats Ridge Festival, Revolver, Bar Broadway, Beach Rd, Brackets n Jam, Youthfest, Blackstump 07/08, 351 MMAD camps, Ruby rabbit & Hermann’s. The Knomaads have supported the major local and international artists such as of Michael Franti, Bliss n’ Esso, The Potbelleez, 2UP, Def Wish Cast, Good Buddha, Wrex ‘N Effect, KJ-52, Lecrae, Mind Over Matter & Brethren.

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The legendary hip hop crew crew Brethren are one of the cornerstones of the Aussie hip hop community, and one of the longest serving hip hop crews in Australia. Brethren featured on the first full length Australian hip hop album, starred in the first Australian hip hop documentary, and produced the first ever Australian hip hop concept album. They were also one of the first commercially signed underground hip hop crews in Australia.

Mistery and Wizdm have been internationally acclaimed for their trailblazing ways, have toured across Australia and supported acts such as, Ice-T, Run DMC, DJ Premier, Ed OG, Masta Ace, the Beatnuts, Blackalicious, DJ Kool Herc, Playdough, Vex Da Vortex, KJ-52 and more. They have appeared in Rolling Stone Magazine, the SBS documentary The Mistery of Hip Hop, and on TV shows Recovery, Channel V's Soup Kitchen, Room 208 and SBS's Alchemy.

Recently Brethren released their 20 Year Anniversary album Bastion.




Armed with a powerful voice, Nayomih is destined to give Gospel RnB music an exciting turn.

Her creative and clever acoustic piece's and beat thumping compositions cause you to explore God's love and purpose at a whole other level.
Nayomih's musical background enables her to explore music ranging from RnB, Soul, Pop, Reggae, Hip-hop and even Jazz.
Her single "Body Talk" debuted on iTunes in June 2011 and gained radio airplay at Canberra's Christian Radio Station 91.1 1way Fm.
Nayomih has taken her music to Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and was also invited to minister through music at the World's ISSM Global Conference in South Africa, September 2011. Nayomih's mesmerizing performances have impacted listeners and her heart is buried into the memories of many.

"My vision is to breathe God's word through an art that the world and I have common ground on, to provide music directed by his spirit for
 all to enjoy and to build my Fathers Kingdom". Nayomih is a passionate woman on a mission and is one talent to look out for.



Oakbridge lays all his cards on the table every time.  Passionate about God, Hip Hop and seeing things change, this Sydney MC simply doesn't like holding back, hence the album title, "It Is What It Is".


aka Izrael hail's from tha "riff, a 12 year veteran. Since 2008 he’s been involved with and  started mcin' with tha Krosswerdz Crew.
"My faith & past experiences are used quite vibrantly in my music....it's what makes me, me!""There's nothing wrong with getting passionate or even getting angry.  I’m tired of the same ol' mundane emotionless, drink, drunk, drugged-up hip hop.  I’ve been there. It ain’t that great!"

He is now working on his Debut solo LP - Snake Eye's as well as the Pulling Strings LP with The Profit

The Profit
- energetic, positve emcee. Performs with Izzy and has produced an album: "Self Regicide" which is a mix between a nice walk in the park and being struck by lightning. The 16 track album ranges from party style hip hop through to deep thought provoking tracks that come straight
from the heart. "Watch ya back its a jungle by night – when animals attack try avoid the bite – know ya left from right and screw ya head on tight – do ya take flight, or do ya stand n fight."

Long John

Long John

Better known as one half of sydney hip hop crew, Bay Side Wreckers, Long John Johnson has put Public Johnson together in order to show a different, more honest, less braggadocious, spiritual side of himself.


Sonic Solo
is a Christian rapper who has performed in support shows for Lecrae, Nubian Gents, Brethren, Oakbridge, the Potbelleez, Bliss n Esso, Mind Over Matter, Purified, E.E.S. and has been performing with the Father of 6 and the Fonke Knomaads for the last 4 years.  He has performed in Compton USA at the L.A. Hip Hop Church in May 2009, at Acer Arena supporting the Nicky Cruz crusade, Easterfest 2007 & 2008 and Blackstump 2007-09. He has also been a staple of the Krosswerdz Collective since he was 11.

Sonic will drop his first solo track DEBUTONIC at the KJ-52 gig 1st of April at KJ’s only Sydney show at Petersham AOG.

Sonic Solo loves God, rhyming, skateboarding, body boarding and is a fan of home schooling as he has been doing that since birth. He has been playing Djembe drums and acoustic drumkit for some years and is also learning guitar.

Sonic Solo is currently signed to the SoulJourner record label and works with producers DJ Soup and Teop from the Fonke Knomaads. He hopes to release Debutonic shortly which will be available on iTunes. www.myspace.com/sonicsolo